Lament of an Only Child

The freedom of being an only child is endless. You never had to share toys, youI got doted upon and spoiled by your parents, and you didn’t have those pesky siblings stealing your things or teasing you all your life. You were free to play however you wanted to, your rules only, and could entertain yourself for hours on end, without even having to speak. When you were growing up, all your friends envied you for your position as family favourite, though your parents didn’t really have a choice. Your friends would complain about younger siblings nagging them to play together, or older siblings ignoring them all the time. Really, the freedom, the praise, the toys; it was all fantastic.

Now you’re growing up, though, and you’re noticing a few changes. Your friends will always have their siblings to be there for them, no matter what. You realize that family dinners and birthday parties will just be three of you, no nieces or nephews. You see that you will never be as close to your friend as their sibling is to them; you will always be jealous of their bond. You know that when you’re old enough, you’re not going to be anyone’s maid of honour, because their sister will be there. You won’t ever have someone that you can say any manner of cruel and hurtful things to while you’re mad, and know they will forgive and forget, because you are family.

To be an only child means a lot of things, both great and, well, not so great. But one thing that is inevitable, that every only child will face, is being alone. There is a solitude in it. When your parents are gone, it’s just little old you, alone in your home, left to take care of yourself. You never get to experience the responsibility of caring for another human being, because there is only you. For so much of your life, you are the immediate cause of worry and strife in your home, constant centre of attention, whether you want it or not. And yes, you know, when you grow up and move out, there will be no sibling to live with, it will still be just you, just little old you, alone in your home, just taking care of yourself.



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